…back to the drawing board.

A home that has become a landmark in my town, is on the curve going up “snake hill,” as the long, time “locals” call it.


The second set of plans,  is what we built. Rather than an addition and remodel, we built brand new construction, to look like it had stood there 100 years.

We didn’t want something that would stick out like a sore thumb, as many residents had been complaining of too many new “subdivision” style homes taking the place of “tear downs” around town.

After surveying the neighborhood, we determined that 30% of the homes within a 250 foot radius of this address, were of the Victorian style.

So my research began:

  • studying the architecture of this era in books from the library
  • driving the surrounding towns that have many of these turn of the (last) century beauties and photographing the details
  • getting out of the car to actually measure the siding to get an accurate reveal (the part exposed to the elements) for an true replication

James Hardie proved to be the right product for the job!

(cover photo from Queen Anne Style)

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