More is More

Starting from scratch with the goals to:

  1. fit a new house on the odd shaped lot and sloping land
  2. save as many trees as possible
  3. design a house reminiscent of the original Queen Annes in the neighborhood

Researching the Victorian style brought me to learn, that in that period of architecture, it was desirable to be showy.

Nothing was left plain or simple.

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Exteriors were defined by:

  • high, steep roofs with a main hip section
  • steeply pitched gables roofs intersecting the higher main hip
  • corner turrets, either square, circular or octagonal
  • multiple gabled projections/dormers with Palladian windows
  • wrap around porches with turned balustrades
  • second floor balconies with intricate ironwork
  • bay windows
  • fish scale
  • stained glass
  • no long stretches of plain walls*
  • large double-hung windows without grilles was the norm

So taking all of these elements into consideration, my architect father, Ken Kloss, and I collaborated to design what now sits in this prominent location–even getting a nod from the local paper for our efforts.


a new Victorian was born!

Picture 098


*Exterior walls of Queen Anne homes were not plain but had a scattering of windows, even better if they protruded in bays.

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