Developing my Thing

I couldn’t resist the potential this “ripe for rehab” house had to offer.

This house was tired, it needed a facelift.

As a Realtor, I showed this house, 2 blocks west of my own home, to a friend. She thought it needed too much work and didn’t even think it worth showing to her husband. So I called my husband at work to say there is a house I want to show him. Tonight!

He told his cube mates “there is no way I’m moving already!”

Our first born was only 6 weeks old (see him in the carseat in the top photos).

We had just “finished” our current home, though we had been toying with adding on to it (my dad had even drawn plans for the extra space we desired and we already had one bid to do the work).

Well… that night, John saw the potential too! And this house had all the things we wanted to add and the price difference was less than an addition would cost us.

So the next day at work, John told his co-workers “I bought a new house last night.”

The foyer had blue ceramic tile; there was blue carpet in the living room/dining area and blue painted walls and ceiling! And of course, dated drapes.

Before: Who puts ceramic tile over wood?

Would you have been turned off?

Starting with the inside (we were moving in after all) the plan:

  • tear out the carpet through living room, dining area and stairs!
  • take up the ceramic tile!
  • take down the drapes! (you’d be surprised how good that feels)

This is when my dad developed his love of demolition too. He tackled that tile right away to a nice surprise beneath: hardwood! Yay!

Simple cosmetic fixes:

  • refinish hardwood floors
  • add crown molding
  • repaint in new cheerful yellow with bright white trim
  • change out the solid flat door to the kitchen with a charming “french” door to let light flow between the spaces but still corral the dogs (yes besides a newborn, we had 2 big dogs and a cat).
    After: Light and bright! Nice hardwood floors under carpet and tile!


Photos taken as we were moving out just 18 months after purchasing. Scroll back up to see the depressing “before”

Come back and see the other rooms that needed some help…

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5 thoughts on “Developing my Thing

  1. I love your vision and the gift of being able to make a “new home” out of something old and worn. What a beautiful talent to possess and make available to share with others who don’t have your gift. People like me!


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