“Just move everything 6 in. to the right”

The good bones:

The kitchen had been updated with new cabinets. It had great light from a skylight in the center. It had a small room added to the back.

The less good stuff:

The drop ceiling was ugly! And the side of the refrigerator was showing! Maybe this is where my obsession began of hiding the sides of these big appliances?

It was this obstacle that I couldn’t live with.

If this little room in the back would be our new family room, where would we put the armoire that holds the TV? There was no wall space.

The windows were great; the fireplace and shelving fine. This was 1993, before flat screen TVs and I insisted back then that the TV had to be able to be hidden when not being watched.

Notice the side ^ of the refrigerator and that short wall section behind. That was where the armoire could fit. If the wall were longer. On the other side of this kitchen wall…was space. AHA! Let’s move everything 6″ to the right.


My solution was to hire a carpenter to:

  1. take down all the cabinets
  2. build a wing wall on the left end
  3. pad out the wall on the right
  4. reinstall all of the same cabinets

Problem solved!

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