A Chair Affair

I won a chair at the first affair.

You can see the chair I came home with that night, behind Jennie in this interview explaining the event.

My cousin and I went to the auction to get ideas for possibly up-cycling some furniture to sell at the flea market.  We never did get around to doing that, though I did decide to do a chair for the 2nd annual fundraiser. Which is what I was working on about this time last year.

It didn’t take long to know which chair I would redo…

I had saved this from the landfill one Monday morning and it had been sitting in my attic waiting for inspiration to strike.


It evolved as the chair spoke to me…

          I also added a footstool.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My chair was placed in the window of The Irish Way on Jefferson St… and then part of the silent auction.

I heard that a man was happy to win it, as instructed by his designer wife to get a chair for a baby’s room she was doing for a client.

I hope they are enjoying!

I’m ready to start my next chair for the 2016 event.

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