Demo Gone Wild

I was out of town last week, leaving what I thought were specific instruction to a guy I hired to do some demolition while I was away.

I can only guess that he accidentally poked thru the lathe and plaster on the other side of the walls? 

I told him to remove the bad plaster on the walls going down to the basement.
He apparently got carried away…

Not only did he continue removing the other side of the wall up the attic stairs, he also went in to the bedroom and removed both sides of that wall too!  UGH!

Now I need to find the silver lining in this mess…

A can of worms!  The plan was to Keep It Simple for the quick occupancy needed for our son and his girlfriend moving into town in roughly 3 weeks. With the stairs opened up now, we might as well rebuild them for the future attic expansion. I do not think it will be habitable by the deadline.

To see what the decision is and the turnaround of this fiasco, click the upper right to FOLLOW.


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