Struck Gold!?

My decision making has been wavering back and forth the better part of the day…
my productivity was limited to picking up a truck load of kitchen cabinets from the Habitat ReStore which I saw yesterday. Tonight, since I saved a ton of money on the cabinets, I ordered a nice apron stainless steel sink online from Amazon!

Back to the the wavering… it started after opening up the house for Jeff this morning…

As Jeff was getting his guys started on fixing the bad cantilever where the tub used to sit (as you will see in my next post), our conversation shifted to the stair dilemma.

An idea he suggested 3 weeks ago resurfaced:  that I blow off the side door and build the access to the basement completely under the attic stair (being a full flight of steps rather than start at a landing), thus eliminating the 6 steps up to the kitchen from this side door.

When he suggested it before, after I showed him the kitchen plan I had  all figured out..I got excited about this new idea too.  It did have some merit to make the kitchen feel bigger, adding floor space and I might possibly fit more cabinets/counter-space…hmmm.

After exploring that for a bit the verdict: to K.I.Simple…
until today.

As you ponder that, as I did, in the mean time, I dropped off a load to the ReStore: first load of stuff that came out of the shed.

What do you think I will do about the side door and stairs?
(answer below this truckful of lovely stackable chairs, plastic lattice fencing, a giant blue cooler and what I’m told is a race car hood).IMG_6224

Reminded of the virtues that the side door gives:

  • allows for easier access of furniture to/from the basement (the #1 reason)
  • makes for shorter distance from car to bring in groceries (a valid consideration)
  • no steps outside when it snows (not a big factor)

I’m back to rebuilding the attic stair; just fixing the steps to the basement to deeper treads; leaving the steps to the kitchen as they are (except to make them pretty).



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