What’s wrong with this picture?

So much! I got a text earlier asking for the rough opening for the bathroom window.
I had not ordered the window yet. (Oops). Since I was at Home Depot getting another roll of straw to lay over our just planted grass seed, so…
I strolled over to the window department and ordered a tall narrow, tempered glass casement window to go next to where the new tub/shower will be.
I sent a text of this image:IMG_6284
When I arrived at the house to unroll the straw I found this:

By the time I was finished with the yard, I couldn’t resist taking video as they were installing the first of the new joist to correct what had not been done right in the first place (joist all the back to the center beam/more than twice the depth of the projecting section).

Later…They need to get things level which means taking out a post (rotten) at the bottom. LVLs go in (funny that you can see the water droplets from the sprinkler on the new grass seed in the last photo).

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