Growth and change

I came to check on progress and run the sprinkler for a bit this evening.
While the grass is growing in the back yard, many changes are taking shape inside.
If you can use your imagination…

You can see here how steep the stairs to the attic were. Now the stud wall on the kitchen side is removed to make way for the new steps up. Since the stairway  needs to be wider (to code) the wall will get rebuilt a few inches over.
LVL beams have been added. The new stair will come up in the space between the wall and the beam on the left.  The beam on the right will support a new “loft” hallway giving access in to the attic.


Another beam has been added to hold up the roof for this window to be replaced. The whole wall is in really bad shape, apparently from a former roof leak. It will all get rebuilt with new windows to match the original windows in the living room.
When I came by to check on progress yesterday, I didn’t take any pics but I did see a bunch of cabinets in the attic. They will either be another donation to Habitat or I might find a use for them.
Here are a few of the cabinets that the former owner decided to keep in the attic for a future use. How timely!  I’ve been thinking how I might make a moveable island for the kids. I just saw an great idea on Pinterest I might have to do.
This gave me a chuckle!  Also in the attic… xmas decorations.

To see how the steps and the rest of this little house progress, click the top right to FOLLOW.


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