A woman’s prerogative.

I draw up everything as I see it in my head or how it looks best on paper…get the permits, demo starts, then I see a different option.
A better way?
It’s a good thing I have awesome, patient and willing carpenters to humor me along the way.

This little house has had me change my mind more than the much bigger projects. Am I out of practice? I’d say not.  I’ve always done this. However this time my budget is smaller and time frame, shorter. So the thinking and rethinking has had to come faster.

Keep an open mind and let the creativity come.

“Change will lead to insight far more than insight will lead to change.”
–Milton Erickson



2 thoughts on “A woman’s prerogative.

    1. Thanks! I wish I could just do the whole thing, furniture and all and do a big reveal like they do on the HGTV shows.
      Tommy has his own ideas about quite a bit, so this project is different than most that I do.


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