Still there?! It’s meant to be!

When I was at the Habitat ReStore getting the half dozen cabinets for the current kitchen remodel, I spotted this rather funky shelf.

When I went back the other day looking for something else, it was still there! Last time I had no idea where I would put it.  I still am not sure. At $40, I will find a place sooner or later, like the book’s title, Never Stop to think…Do I Have a Place for This?  by Mary Randolph Carter.
This is not the exciting type of find of blogger Victoria Elizabeth Barnes yet I did get a bit of a thrill when I started thinking of all the possible ways I could use it and if I had the idea to build such a shelf, it couldn’t be duplicated for $40 in material and labor. I was told by a volunteer at the ReStore that it is kind of a rare 50’s piece.  Must be rare, can’t find a single one like it googling 1930-1950 shelf.

What do you think?


The ongoing current project, that derailed my original plan of scheduled posts when I started this blog a few months ago, is getting very exciting!  We are waiting for the next permit approval to continue the second phase.
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Thanks, Laura


2 thoughts on “Still there?! It’s meant to be!

  1. It’s definitely 50s. It’s similar to what my grandma had. It’s cute. You all have such better stuff in the Midwest than here in Texas. More charm and character in the houses. Older. Everything seems fairly new here. Which I have a hard time with since I like cottage styles or frank Lloyd Wright type structures.

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What do you think?

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