Little by little

My plan of attack has been a bit different on this little house. I have been searching for more items at Habitat to save money and I have been ordering more items online that aren’t readily available in stock at the local stores.

In the small kitchen, I have decided that a standard sized dishwasher and oven/range will take up inches that are better used to maximize cabinet and counter space. So rather than a 24″ dishwasher and a 30″ stove, I have ordered an 18″ dishwasher which I found on Amazon and a 24″ range from my friend at Abt Electonics.

Here are a few of the recent finds from the Habitat ReStore:

I was excited to find what they call “glass shelves” at only 50 cents the other day. I thought $5 was good for tempered glass, the first time I saw the big stack! I bought both sizes and a spare…not sure which will work best…any guesses where they will go?

As we await for the second permit approval and the next phase of demo and remodel…
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It’s getting exciting!


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