I stopped by the project this morning to find the guys exposing the badly the damaged front wall.  Under the vinyl siding was a scary sight!

The roofing in the valleys of this little gable bump out was probably what first caused the siding to start to rot away.  

Since we had already torn out the plaster inside, you can now see right through the wall.

Since the previous owner died without a will and an investor bought the house from the estate (I have deduced), we have no history of repairs. The vinyl siding was probably installed to cover the holes and prevent more infiltration of the elements.
On the bright side:

All the rain we’ve had this summer has helped the grass come in nicely. Time to mow






The windows should be in Monday!

Stay tuned.


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4 thoughts on ““Eek!”

  1. I can think of a few expletives that I would have used. Good thing it was discovered. Hopefully the heating bill will be less.


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