Diamond in the Rough?

My daughter is spending the summer in Spain getting back late on the Friday before she needs to be back at school the next Tuesday. She is thinking of all that she will need for her first college apartment.  She asked me if I have a desk she could take. I knew of 2. One in the attic and the other staging a vacant listing for sale. Above is the one in our garage attic. The attic is a mess but I typically can find what I know is up there without much hassle, so I snapped this pic and texted it to her. Yep! It will do.

After I took the legs off and the drawer out, I tackled the graffiti on the top.

Make up, nail polish and permanent marker scraped and sanded off.

After prepping and painting the top and drawer front with a grey primer/paint in one sample that I already had at home, I decided, in the interest of time, I would rather spray the legs.

I found a chalk paint at Hobby Lobby, then masked off the upper leg to spray the lower portion gold.  Unfortunately the two greys didn’t match well at all.
After cleaning up the drawer I sprayed the front of it to match the legs. Then sent some pics of potential knobs to my daughter.  We agreed on the same ones!
The inside of the drawer was not too easy to clean so I added a piece of contact paper. I added a coat of shellac to the drawer front and attached the knobs (the screws were a bit long so I added washers). Now that these parts were finished, I needed to spray the desk top to match.
All went fine until I left the top out in my back yard and it rained! It looked dry but there must have been enough moisture under the top veneer or maybe I didn’t follow the timing instructions quite right on the spray can but the top would not cover well with more coats of the chalky paint…By this time I ran out of time to finish before needing to pack it up and head to South Carolina.

I set up the desk top on the screened porch of the rented beach house. A perfect art studio if I lived here full time! Sanded down the top and got the spray paint color matched into a little sample size at Home Depot.

Notice the little bubbled areas at the edges?  My only thought short of making a bigger project was to get some gold was and give the top a distressed shimmer to match the accent on the legs.
After the wax, I covered the top with two coats of vanish. Just in time for my daughter to visit us at the beach for the weekend and take the top back to her apartment.
She put it back together herself.

Can you see what I see in the pic above?  I just noticed after downloading the photo.

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