Closet vs. walking space

In the one bedroom house that is my current project there was a dilemma.

  • If the closet were left as it was, where would the bed fit?
  • If the closet were removed to make more space for the bed, where would the clothes go?
  • With only about 15″ clear between the bed and the radiator, who would be the one stubbing their toes?
The obvious spot for the bed didn’t leave much space for nightstands or a dresser without bumping into things.
My initial idea was to use the header to hang doors on the popular sliding barn door rails, keeping 2 doors stationary that the headboard would use as a wall.  Still no room for night stands or a dresser.
One idea was using the attic as a closet. The “hall” on the left will access a future bedroom when the wall is extended up with a higher roof. Now, having less than 4 foot of headroom, it would be a literal pain in the neck to crouch down to get dressed everyday.

Guess who came up with the best idea?

My mom came up with this closet solution^. Brilliant! Quick reframing by the carpentry crew will give the kids a 4×8 closet at the top of the stairs to the attic.



There is lots more to see. Did I already say it’s getting exciting?

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