If you’ve been following the progress of the little house I’m currently rehabbing, the yard behind the house that was needing TLC, was no better off.  There were weeds and rocks bordering the weeds which might have once been flower beds. Behind the sidewalk bisecting the yards was the blue plastic remnants of an above ground pool that had once been there.  Around the pool were round stepping stones.  More than 2 dozen. There was also a ton of rocks.

In the name of recycling, saving money and with this inspiration from a magazineimg_5846, a patio is conceived…

After setting a dozen or so stones in sand, I figured with 21 round stones left I would add on to the original plan and use the paver bricks, that had been a precarious attempt at steps from the upper patio to the lower yard, as a border.
I believe they call this leveling gravel ^. I wanted limestone “screenings” (which has less chunky rocks) but this worked fine with leveling sand. 
I set the stones back in place, adjusting the bricks as needed.

Next I added the sand and throw in the other stones to fill the gaps.

Now to figure out how to balance the other side of the sidewalk with the remaining 9 stepping stones.

To see how this turns out and how the inside of this project house is coming along, click top right for the menu to FOLLOW.






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