As sure as the Cubs are in the World Series…

the project is progressing:

New steps & landing in progress, hosta “hedge” removed, seed planted, new window in porch gable, original siding exposed…
Floor guy preparing to lace in and patch the floor where wall of original closet had been.
Recycling old cabinets for new storage wall divider.
Wrapping the ridge beam and collar ties with the original recycled 2×6 ceiling joists ripped to  half thickness and original attic floor boards (tongue & grooves trimmed off).  Will have to climb up and color match the cuts later.
Got my 80 year old dad over to help pull up the underlayment which covered the original maple floor in the kitchen. We’ve seen this a few times over the years.  He first did this for me in our second house almost 24 years ago and uncovered oak under ceramic. He likes to keep active and I’m so lucky he is healthy and able!

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10 thoughts on “As sure as the Cubs are in the World Series…

  1. I love the gable window above the main entrance. It looks like the porch steps are at an angle. That seems to make it more welcoming. Feng shui at play?


    1. The steps coming straight from the front door are there temporarily but probably would not have been good feng shui. The original steps were rotten and had we replaced exactly what was there, would not have had any landing outside of the door that will eventually be installed to enter the porch. For safety, I like a bit of a space to open the door before the stair starts. The angle will allow for better plantings and room to improve drainage nearer the house plus the angle is the perfect intro for a new curved sidewalk to connect to the driveway.


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