Lath wall

Lath is what you find under the plaster when removing walls in homes built prior to drywall. So what to do with a bunch of these pieces beside toss them in the dumpster?
In my constant desire to reuse/recycle I came up with this:

after furring strips added, masking the surrounding area


Painting the background color. Tim likes to use his HVLP sprayer.
I love this color!  Did the same treatment in the house I now live in and painted the adjoining wall the same color.
Lath is spaced apart the thickness of a piece of lath.
Notice the water meter on the bottom right of this photo?  Wait and see how we disguise that.
The lath wall works the same as a slat wall. I like how the gas pipe blends in. Now to decide what color to paint the PVC.
The wall in our house.  Easy to rotate the art as we desire.

Follow along to see the rest of this basement redo (click top right for the menu).


What do you think?

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